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Do you know what usually happens during a divorce?

Every divorce is hard, even if the couple was married for a short period of time. There are many reasons why a couple can decide to divorce, but whatever the reason is, every couple has to follow the same steps if they want to end their marriage.

A divorce can take longer or it can be settled very fast. It all depends on the partners, on how long they were together and what assets and debts they have to split. Moreover, having minor children will make the process more complex. Therefore, a young couple who just started a life together and decides that it was a mistake, can dissolve their marriage very fast if they both agree and if they have very little to split. On the other hand, the divorce of a marriage where one partner is blindsided and he or she finds out about the divorce just when the papers are served, where important goods, properties or even debts are shared, and where children are involved, can take even years. Whatever your situation is, if you need to file a divorce, these are the steps you have to follow:

The first step is to fill the petition of divorce

petition of divorceFilling a divorce petition is the first step if you want to proceed with this action. Even if the divorce was discussed in the family and both partners agree this is the step for them, one spouse has to file the petition and ask for dissolution. You have to know that some states accept just some reasons for divorce, such as abandonment or adultery.

The service of process will prove that the other party is aware of the divorce

After the party who asks for the divorce files the petition, it needs to come with proof of the service of process. This means that he or she needs to prove that the other party knows about the divorce.

The other party has to fill in a response

responseNow it is the time for the other party to file a response. If there are any aspects of the divorce that the other party wants to dispute about, he or she has to address this in the response.

Now it’s time for negotiation

The two partners might have different opinions about the settlement and if they cannot decide from the start how their assets will be split, who will have the custody or if they will share it, about the visitation rights and many other aspects, they will need an appointment with a legal representative to negotiate all these aspects.

The trial will resolve any left issues

If there are any other issues that weren’t settled in the negotiation, the trial will decide how it will end. However, this will be a longer and a more expensive divorce and no one want for it to be needed.

Your marriage will be dissolved

This is the final step that will dissolve your marriage. After everything is settled and split between the ex-spouses, after the children’s’ custody is decided, the marriage can be considered dissolved.